Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Multiple large operator has developed artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is classified in different ways. One way is to talk about the weak and strong artificial intelligence. Weak artificial intelligence makes only a certain pre-programmed task and know how to react to it appropriately. All artificial intelligence is still like this, their main source of data is big data. Without it, they are quite limited

Strong artificial intelligence is once more able to react to unforeseen situations in different ways.


The most famous and perhaps the best Ai Watson is developed by IBM. It has been introduced in many enterprises and public authorities in recent years to assist decision-making. It is also suitable for cognitive learning with many colleges to take advantage of. Watson 2.0 is able to read images, so eg. Medical benefit from it a lot. Watson is a complex entity, which acts as a service.

Apple has Siri, Google has Google Now (Assistant). Google’s artificial intelligence activities will vary in different devices. In some devices it works directly, some need to download app and in some inexpensive hardware it does not work at all.


The newest players in the field are Microsoft Cortana and Facebook M. In the background there are people who rated Facebook M’s answers. This can develop M ai quickly.

Cortana works directly with both Windows 10-based computer and the phone / tablet. The unifying factor is the Windows 10 operating system.

Amazon launched a device called Echo, which has artificial intelligence called Alexa. Later, Amazon made a smaller device  Echo Dot. The device is always chassis where Alexa works.







Braina represents a separate computer programs. There’s also an Android app to control your computer.


However, you should try these little helpers in various devices, sometimes you may be surprised at how helpful Ai can be.

Artificial intelligence is an important contribution to robotics, for example, some Watson enabled Aldebaran and some Alexa enabled Ubtech robots have already been tested. The Lynx robot has Alexa but it’s not very smart, only one Alexa skill. For example, the Alpha-2 dance command is ”Hello Alpha, couldt you dance for me”  and Lynx ”Alexa, ask Lynx to dance for me”. Not very high added value.