my home robots

When buying robots to work is so slow, I decided to buy the robots home. As a consumer, it is easy to acquire robots via the Internet for example from China.

However, the first robot I got a birthday present for my team at work, it is a dancing toy robot Tosy.

The second came 1/16 Padbot -telepresencerobot, I ordered it from China through AliExpress, the price came to € 750 with taxes. Delivery was quite fast, 2 weeks it took delivery. The robot is easy to use, only accounts for service and apps from App Store (Apple or Android) and then go. I can through Padbot to activate the cats at home even in the middle of their afternoon nap.

Alpha-2 was supposed to come as early as 2/16 but was transferred to summer because of a certification problem ???. We’ll see whether there will be even then? It came finally 2/17.

In February, I ordered a Buddy, it paid with the charging station n.850 €. Delivery is only the end of the year 2016. 3/16 came Buddy update for hands (138 €), which also receives a video projector (231 €). I updated my subscription video projector on hands. Will it come 2017?

Immediately after that, I ordered a Aido, which is quite a new revelation. It will cost about 600 €. Shipping here too until the end of 2016. Also to Aido came 3/16 upgrade, a video projector. I updated 3/16 intelligent charging station (about 250 €). I reflect on the video projector yet here too. Will it come 2017?

Alpha-2, Buddy and Aldo are all social robots, the use of these I have not thought about in more detail. One gets to watch at home (maybe Aido), and one will be for me to work assistant (Buddy?). Alpha-2 will be for programming and amusement.

5/16 I bought for programming Antbo 3 pieces, the price of less than € 200. Delivery was 2/17. Then CowaRobot -suitcase price of 400 €. This was quite a new acquaintance. Delivery maybe 5/17?

Acquired a new home robot vacuum cleaner (Neato Botvac d85, 600 €) in August. I also bought the MakeBlock mBot robot (€ 100) for programming. The unit must assemble the parts.




The automatic cat toilet Litter-Robot III Open Air  ???


I’m still looking for inexpensive robot arm for opening the window for cats.