Robot car

Self driving or robot car is fast becoming among human drivers. Many manufacturer has announced the launch of his own robot car already in 2020. The base is often an electric car, so at the same time will be the two big changes.

The race started properly after Google


and Tesla,


who are not traditional car manufacturers, published their own robot car.

However, the traditional car manufacturers have studied the subject for a long time, so they were well prepared to come the race by. Eg. Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, have introduced their own versions.

Robot cars are largely based on traditional security technologies. They are equipped with ABS -brakes, ESP -Electronic Stability Program, navigation, cruise control (even active), intelligent lights, cornering detection, parking assistant, lane departure warning, speed limit detection, attention assist, brake assistant. That is also a modern ordinary cars are pretty automatic.

There have been problems and many has been solved. Still unresolved are the different ethical situations where the computer must make choices. Who is the one on the run over if car have to? Do computer kill occupants of the vehicle or on the road wanderers? A child or an adult? Dog or cat?

These questions (and coming answers) ensure that at least the fully automated car can not be. Human must always be able to intervene if necessary, touch the steering wheel or be able to press the brake, whereby the above-mentioned situations come to an end at random, as at present. The computer will always be determined by the situation in the standard pre-programmed code.

Cars have so far been tested mainly in good conditions, so the snow and cold are a challenge. How is avoided snowdrifts? What about the missing path delay, where goes lanes? How about roadworks?

Snow is problem and maybe first attempt to solve winter problems is convoy where first car has human driver and other are robot cars, who follows the leader?

Robot Car is changing societies drastically, because it reduces jobs, car accidents and tax revenues. Cars are not bought so much, because they are partly co-owned. Robot Car can be purchased as a service, talk about CAAS (Car as a service). Workshop visits is reduced because fewer collisions. Less insurance is required if the car manufacturers replace the damage. What will happen to the driving school, where part of the driving licenses will be missing? What will happen to hospitals because the car accidents victims will be less? Tax revenue is declining in any case, because of less work, stuff, fuel spending, etc. That is, as a whole, all purchases will be reduced.

On the other hand I look forward to these robot cars on the other hand concerned about all the electronics and it’s failures.