Study and work

What to study in the future when the robots take up almost all the jobs? It is unnecessary to consider the jobs that will be lost. Focus on the work, which will remain. I think it is about 10 years (2026-2030) to prepare, so bad service bots work so far. Even sellers are still very small, so there is little demand for robots either.


Self-explanatory as a whole, health care and care for the elderly, because in these areas of human interaction skills are important. The robot will not for some time yet learn interaction skills. In addition, the number of elderly people will increase very much in the Western world for some time, and people live longer.

Also,  other jobs that require social skills and creativity remains, but they also are reduced in numbers. Work requiring mobility also saves people, but I do not like the idea that eg. the construction industry can not hire robot, if there must climb the ladder. So perhaps the human, but what if, say, the robot flies up? Or this is a swarm of robots?


Information technology is the future employment area, a variety of design, installation and maintenance tasks can be found. Programming skills are particularly good for developing, because the robots must always be somehow programmed. Machine Learning will replace human programming in future.

Recycling and green economy will continue to employ and green values get even more important. Works in this area are suitable for many.

Artificial meat reduces agricultural work in the future. When the artificial meat price is cheap enough, many people would stop eating animal meat for ethical reasons. Thus, production of all meat and the related animal feed would end pretty soon.


Director places will also somewhat but the number will be reduced. In leadership, it is important to understand the different needs and desires of human and machine workers, as well as acting together (for example, that human doesn’t bother the robot at work).

Generally speaking, one can say that all STEM -learnings are important. Acronym STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

Design is important in the future, the robots look and functionality of interest to many.

UX skills, ie user experience, are also sought in the future. For robots, there are many user experience issues to consider.

Other important features include the flexibility and willingness to change.

One of the new profession is a robot helper. Many of the robots need human assistance.

Other new professions are robot builder, teacher and coach.

Many new jobs are also created for sure, but they are often very specific, so they do not necessarily employ very many individuals.


Multi Specialists are the most popular because of  top experts  are less needed.


Of these occupational sectors and skills spoken in different parts of the world. The big question is what will make people who do not have interaction skills, which IT Skills is not enough and there is no interest in the bio-economy. When robots and other new technologies are becoming more common, the job is not enough for all that’s for sure.

Another sure thing is that there is not enough good work for untrained people , so go to school and study. Nor should study the current shortage of labor, but to think a little bit further.


The BBC offers search,  which can be checked for  forecast of loss your job.