Week 33 in english

Some interesting news in media at week 33 .

Robots go to fun (eg. a dance game playing Nao robot ), they do not take up only our jobs but also all the fun. The trend seems strange, because human labor shrinking leisure time grows. If the fun also is done by robot, what is it that makes a human?

All the time more networked equipment highlights IoT security and protection (eg. , ZDNet says on this subject). After all appliances are connected to each other via a network and the Internet, may through a single device to get hacker your home network.

More human-like movement to robot (eg. Google-owned Boston Dynamics video shows the subject).

Baxter’s learn-like robots are multi-purpose (eg. Rethink Robotics says on this subject).

Microsoft may be able to step up Windows10 together Cortana -AI to use in Bing searchers (eg. Yahoo says on this subject).

A basic income experiment should begin in Finland in the near future, the Netherlands experiment is on the other hand already extended (eg. CityLab says on this subject).

Apple too is starting to develop their own robot-car (eg says. The Guardian ).

China already has 194 robots manufacturing facility and amount has experienced rapid growth (eg says. The Robot Report ). How many robot factories are in Finland? I think we stays the whole time after the rest of the world and we will buy all the robots from abroad.

China is also associated with maybe the most interesting technical news in this week, that the robot controlled by human brain (such tells. Daily Mail ).

Thats all at this point, the next weeks report will be 08/24/2015.