Week 35

This week the media talked about

Work and unemployment. E.g WSJ, WSJ2, Wired, Robohub, Harvard, Forrester, Boingboing have reflected different aspects of the topic. First, the robots will replace only the boring work, then they become human colleagues. And the next step? Although I like the robots themselves, I am not optimistic in terms of job preservation. All of the work, which the robot can do, the robot will continue to do so. I collect a list of the skills and jobs that might remain.

Drones arouse debate this week, estimates that the market is growing tremendously, says Nextbigfuture.

Robots electricity consumption is an interesting topic, smooth movements saving electricity, says Phys.org

Robotics leaders want this week to be United Kingdom and Japan.

Artificial intelligence was often present during the week. Facebook M is different and Microsoft is pushing with Cortana to Google Android, says Forbes Forbes2. Also, artificial intelligence has its own article.

Thats all at this point, the next weeks report will be 09/07/2015.