Week 39

This week, I did not list weeks events else but a little bit of the whole thing. Now, we are already close to a breakthrough in both industrial and service robots.

I was thinking this Zari, which is of course the film character but all the techniques seen in film are already ready for service in the household robot. Some of the important features include the ability to grasp objects, artificial intelligence and human looks. These robots will soon begin to enter the market from several manufacturers.

The industrial side, Baxter and its successor Sawyer have spread to many kinds of manufacturing use. Their secret is train-by-demonstration. The user has not programmed them, but only shows the tasks.

The actual breakthrough for service robots needs to solve a few problems.

  • The duration of mobile robots battery, power is consumed much more and the batteries still will not last long
  • Price, no household or small business buy expensive robots which are in stores nowadays
  • Language, for example Asimo robot has been around for 16 years but it only speaks Japanese and English. Is it enough only English language? Hardly just eg. In Finland or Sweden?


Next week I go back to the listings. Weekly report appears on the 05.10.2015