Week 40

I list the following new news in Week 40/15 .

Robot has soft hands, which enables to grab a variety of different-sized objects. News from Gizmodo.

The brain controlled user interface of the robot is a very interesting topic. The subject dealt with Bloomberg.

Justocat is new therapy robot. This can be compared to Paro -seal robot. There is a good video Justocat’s robot helping in the treatment of people with dementia .

A couple of service robots (Dash and OSHbot) was featured in the Theguardian  magazine. These are the types of robots begin to be found in shops and the hotels pretty soon.

The most recent new robot was found from facebook, where is a video of the chef and the robot, which is taught by displaying the food ration act. Considerable views, as long as the price can be cheaper.


Here are some of the most important of the robot news in week 40. The next weekly report will appear on 12/10/15