Week 41

This week, I handle the robot policies. Many countries and companies has made plans with respect to the subject.

In Finland, Prime Minister Juha Sipilä opened Teknologia15 Fair last week. He told us, that he has used 3D printer to print the spare part for ironrobot at home. I am sure that it was speak of an entrepreneur Juha Sipilä and not the Prime Minister, because at a political level in Finland is being very quietly digitalisation and robotics.

Meanwhile in Sweden, Minister Stefan Löfven demanding that more robots must get to work and focus to well paid jobs and income. Sweden invest in robot technology and digitalization has quite a different way than Finland. I too should concentrate in the future more attention to the neighboring country.

In Usa President Obama has frequently appeared in the company of robots and taken a position on the positive employment effects, story1, story2, story3. Usa disposed positive towards robots and digitalisation.
Other countries that have made the robot strategy eg. Japan and the United Kingdom.
It is alarming that many countries have not planned any of this matter, while big companies like Google, Amazon, Alibaba and others have planned robotics and digitalisation things very carefully.
Once classified as countries and companies, depending on what level they are, it is easy to find differences.

The classification is as follows:
1. Pioneers or new developers, to create an entirely new product or service.
2. agile applier , purchase from the manufacturer, edit it, and sell as own product or service.
3. losers, goes the old formula. Dying branch.


Which category to your workplace or your home country belong to?


The next weekly report will appear on 19/10/2015