Week 42

Holiday week in Finland was a busy news week around the world. I wish to raise the following news.

Gartner predicts the future. Target is the year 2018 and there are some interesting example.

paragraph 2, of the IoT devices are asking for help and support. Requires a new kind of approach to the helpdesk.

paragraph 4, the robot boss to employees. Management Paradigms redone.

paragraph 7, digital assistants recognize human’s voice and face. Biometric identification is progressing strongly.

You should actually read through the projections.

Several articles on the change in the work. i’m worried about other jobs than the factory workers. Automation World explains the increase in the number of factory jobs. TheEconomist high-skilled risk of losing a job. DagensArbete  (swedish) asking individuals, Will robots take over my job and when. And in Information Trends (Finnish) website Antti Kasvio’s story about working life change.

Open source software is the key to the development of robotics. One example is in Hackday site.

Intel says robots teaching and learning aid. The school world is changing very much in the coming years.

Inc tells a different bar robots. Can a robot bartender get human to drink, and how the robot detects too intoxicated state?

Another food-related story was CNBC. The robot of the preferred manufacture of food intake.

The next weekly report will appear on 10/26/2015