This week, I found the following news.


Robotic cars are fast becoming traffic. During the week talked about to program a robot car to kill and whether a robot car must visit the Driving School. It seems that the rule can be programmed to standard and certainly not without manual control option can not be but the car must be able to control in an emergency. I’ll do later in a separate story the current state of the robot car.

Product of the Week novelty comes from India, which has been developed to wash in water capable of robot-vacuum cleaner. Too bad when it is sold only in India at the price of 420 €, I would take myself as soon as possible for us.

First fully digital hospital was opened in USA. Here is model to money savings in healtcare.

Various security robots are becoming more common little by little, they can control a wide range of space both outdoors and indoors.

Pepper robot came to Europe, and is immediately available on a wide range of trade and the service sector for jobs. Not as soon as today, but perhaps as early as next month.


The next weekly report will be 02/11/2015.