This week, arouse following things:

A couple of big technological developments story was featured during the week. MIT introduced the robots the ability to learn from each other through the network. Business Insider said about artificial skin which allows the robot can recognize the touch and heat.

Business Insider also reported significant traffic news, in Italy have been developed self-driving Pod, which can move individually or in groups . Who no longer needs a robot car, if that is successful. The schedule is the same as a robot car that is 2020’s.

Health care and care of the elderly-related news comes from New Zealand, where has been introduced new Korean affordable care robot, which is able to measure the temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. The subject reported on Nzherald.

Couple news related to artificial intelligence and humanity was also raised. Quartz reported that in human values ​​must be programmed to a robot.
IEEESpectrum says more human-like way to talk to the robot.

Two labor market  news tells us about speed of changes. INC reported on how the accelerated pace is replaced factory workers with robots. Week’s third news from Business Insider tells director of one big company and his thoughts about job losses. The robots will replace human as surely as the sun rises in the morning, he says.
These varying moods.
The next weekly report will appear on 9/11/2015.